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Expat Life

Life in a new country offers both opportunities and challenges. Stepping into the unknown can be a big leap. The experiences of other expats can help guide you on your journey.

Expat case studies and social media

Planning to move abroad?

We've listed some key things to consider if you are moving to a new country.

Expat Explorer survey

Expat Explorer survey

See how countries compare across the globe in the results of our Expat Explorer survey.

Just moved to a new country?

Just moved abroad?

We're here to help you with the challenges and opportunities of expat life.

Social media

Social media

Share your experiences and connect with other expats around the world.

Experienced Expat?

Experienced Expat?

We can help you make the most out of expat life with our tips for experienced expats.

Social media

Hints and Tips

Find hundreds of useful hints and tips about life abroad in our Hints & Tips tool.

Moving back home?

Moving back home?

If you've lived abroad moving back home could make your finances more complicated.

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