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Dual Currency Investment

As an expat you will more than likely require accounts in multiple currencies. HSBC Expat offer Dual Currency Investment (DCI), which provides you with an opportunity to invest a lump sum for a short-term. The investment will mature in either of the two currencies you select. DCI is a fixed rate investment that gives you the possibility of receiving a higher return, based on your view of future foreign exchange rates. With a choice of investment terms and currency pairs, you can select options tailored to your personal objectives.

Options Available

  • Over 80 currency pairs to choose from
  • Investment terms available between one week and one year
  • Investment range is USD 50,000 to USD 2,500,000 or currency equivalent

Your return is linked to the options you select and you will receive your proceeds in either currency, depending on the exchange rates on decision day.

Who are they for?

Dual Currency Investments are for those who want to invest in foreign exchange markets and are happy to receive their return in either of the two currencies they choose. For example, if you live in one country but work in another, or if you have children studying in a foreign country, it might suit you to receive your return in either currency.

Before investing in a DCI you need to:

  • Understand how foreign exchange markets work and the factors that drive foreign exchange rates
  • Appreciate that DCI has foreign exchange risks which affect the value of your investment and you could get back less than the amount you invest
  • Know how a DCI works

A Dual Currency Investment is a high risk investment which could result in you getting back significantly less than the amount you invested. By investing in a Dual Currency Investment you are investing in a product that is linked to the exchange rate movement of a currency pair that you select. An enhanced yield is offered in return for you accepting the foreign exchange risks. At maturity, your investment and return may be paid in the weaker currency within your currency pair and at the exchange rate you agreed when you made the investment. A Dual Currency Investment is provided without advice. If you have any questions about the suitability of this product for you, or you have any tax concerns, we strongly recommend you seek financial and tax advice from your professional advisers. When you invest in a Dual Currency Investment, there is no cooling off period and you can't withdraw your money until the end of the investment term.

Availability by country
Our Dual Currency Investments are not available in every country. Dual Currency Investments are not available to residents of Australia, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan or the United States of America.

To find out if Dual Currency Investments are available in your country of residence please call: +44 1534 616 162

A choice of currencies

Our savings accounts are available in over 15 currencies - from Australian, Canadian and Hong Kong dollar to Swiss franc, UAE dirham and Chinese renminbi.

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