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Online Bonus Saver, an easier way to save money.

  • Available in sterling, US dollar and euro
  • Attractive interest rates , calculated daily and paid monthly into your Online Bonus Saver Account
  • Standard rates up to GBP % AER/Gross, USD  % AER/Gross, EUR % AER/Gross. The Standard rate is paid regardless of withdrawals.
  • Rates including bonus up to GBP % AER/Gross, USD  % AER/Gross, EUR % AER/Gross. Bonus interest is paid for any calendar month in which you make no withdrawals.
  • Interest rates for this account may vary. If you are or become a Premier Customer, you qualify for preferential rates on the Online Bonus Saver Account, subject to standard interest rates being more than 0%
  • The minimum opening balance for this account is: £5,000, US$5,000 or €5,000
  • Easy access to your money - no notice required*
  • Easy online account management via online banking - view your statements online and transfer funds to/from your account**

Interest earned in a calendar month will be applied to your Online Bonus Saver on the first working day of the next calendar month. Where the first day of the month is not a working day then the interest amount will include any interest accrued up to (but not including) the first working day of the month.

Interest is paid gross without the deduction of tax. It is your responsibility to report earnings to the appropriate tax authorities. However, all the interest you earn from your accounts may be subject to reporting to relevant tax authorities.

*If you make a withdrawal from your Online Bonus Saver account the standard rate of interest will be paid on the entire balance for the calendar month in which the withdrawal is made. Also no interest will be paid for any day when the balance is below the minimum balance. All interest is currently paid gross.

**Withdraw funds via online banking by transfer to another HSBC account or to an account held elsewhere. Please note transfers to accounts held elsewhere may take longer (a daily maximum transfer limit applies).

AER (Annual Equivalent Rate): This is a notional interest rate which illustrates what the gross rate would be if interest were paid and compounded each year.

Gross: The interest rate before the deduction of tax applicable to interest on savings accounts.

Existing customers

Existing customers

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