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Our expat services

Services to support your international lifestyle

If you live or work abroad, our banking, wealth management and foreign exchange services will make life easier for you - and give you opportunities to grow and protect your wealth.

Meet our wealth managers

HSBC Premier

A range of benefits and services to help you manage your personal economy.

Building your wealth

Our wealth managers can advise expats on how to grow and protect their wealth.

Foreign exchange

Need to convert one currency into another? Choose from our range of different foreign exchange solutions.

Expat tax

Tools and resources to help you understand your worldwide tax commitments - in association with Ernst and Young.

Global View

Global Transfers

Link your eligible HSBC accounts worldwide within Internet Banking - and make instant (or same day) money transfers between them.

Expat Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips

With the Expat Hints & Tips tool you can easily share your experiences and get valuable ideas about living and working abroad.

Financial planning

Financial planning

Need expert advice? Our wealth managers can recommend financial solutions that suit your current situation and your plans for the future.

Stay safe with red24™

Stay safe with red24™

Our expat services include international security advice and alerts from red24™ - a team of global security experts and risk analysts.