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Freedom Plus investment platform

If you invest in one of the HSBC Global Investment Funds, your investment funds will be held in the nominee service ‘Freedom Plus’. This allows you to buy, sell, switch and track your investments from a single place.

If you don't have a Freedom Plus account, you need to set one up before you invest in any of these funds. You do it as part of the application process - so it’s simple to do. Having a Freedom Plus account also makes it quicker and easier to manage your investments over time.

With a Freedom Plus platform you can:

  • enjoy the potential benefits of an offshore investment
  • buy, sell and switch your investments in each of the Freedom Plus funds
  • quickly and easily apply for additional investments within the Freedom Plus range
  • call and email our Jersey based fund administration team to discuss your requirement.
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Please remember that the value of investments, and any income received from them can fall as well as rise, is not guaranteed and you may not get back the amount you invested. This could also happen as a result of changes in currency exchange rates, particularly where overseas securities are held or where investments are converted from one currency to another. We always recommend that any Investments held should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment, at least five years.