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HSBC Expat Online Banking FAQs

From managing your accounts online to what you can do in online banking to details on making transfers and payments to Global View and Global Transfers. It's all here.

  • Managing your accounts online
    Discover browser compatibility for computers, our terms, which account and card details you can view and manage, and what you can open
  • What you can do in online banking
    Change your security details, add an account, stop a cheque, update personal details, send us emails and print your account information, to name just some of the things
  • Security technology
    We use the most advanced security systems and software to protect your account from unauthorised use. Find out more
  • Transfers and payments
    Make international transfers involving foreign exchange, learn payment cut-off times and limits, set up regular payments and learn how we confirm transfers
  • Global View and Global Transfers
    Find out about HSBC's , including which countries you can link together and make Global Transfers to and from, and what the charges are

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Managing your accounts online

Which operating systems and internet browsers are compatible with online banking?

Which account details can I view?

Can I view my HSBC Expat account and credit card transactions?

Can I open a Fixed Term Deposit account?

Can I manage my investment accounts?

Which devices are compatible with Mobile Banking?


What you can do in online banking

Can I change my memorable answer or password?

Can I add accounts to my online banking profile?

Can I stop a cheque?

Can I update my personal details?

Can I send emails to HSBC Expat?

Can I print online banking pages?

What if I forget my username?

What if I forget my Personal Banking Number (PBN) or Direct Banking PIN?

Where can I find my IBAN (International Bank Account Number)?

When do I need to use my IBAN?

What happens if I don't use my IBAN?


Transfers and payments

Can I make international transfers involving foreign exchange?

What are the cut-off times for transfer requests?

What are the transfer limits for online banking?

Can I set up regular payments from my account?

What proof do I receive for transfers made via online banking?

If I request a transfer to the wrong person, can I cancel or stop it?

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?


Global View and Global Transfers

What are Global View and Global Transfers?

Which countries can I link to Global View and make Global Transfers with?

How do I access Global View and Global Transfers?

Can I use Global Transfers to send money to other accounts?

Which currencies can I transfer instantly?

Why do Global Transfers in some currencies take longer than others?

How does Global Transfers work?

What are the charges involved?

Secure Key

HSBC Mobile Banking

Once you're registered for online banking you'll also be able to download and use the HSBC Mobile banking app.

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