Are you eligible for offshore banking?

Am I eligible?

You could benefit from our products and services if:

  • You need to make international payments or have accounts in different currencies
  • You live outside your home country
  • You move regularly between different countries
  • You're looking for an economically stable home for your money
  • You're thinking of retiring abroad

Minimum balance and age requirements

New customers need to hold a minimum of £60,000 or currency equivalent in deposits and/or investments with us. All customers must be aged 18 or over.

Do I need to be an expat?

No, you don’t have to be an expat. However, our multicurrency accounts and wealth management services are specifically designed for expats, or customers who regularly make international payments.


We reserve the right to review or screen new applications and in some cases this may lead to us declining certain applications or requesting a higher minimum balance. Please contact us if you require further information before applying.

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Our products

Our products

From multicurrency accounts to global investments, our offshore products are designed especially for expats.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our specialists in expat wealth management can help you grow and protect your wealth as you move around the world.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Need to convert one currency into another? Choose from our range of different foreign exchange solutions.

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