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Foreign exchange and currencies

From simple currency transfers and tailored services to support from FX specialists, we have the solutions and expertise to help with your multiple currency needs.

Currency exchange and
international transfers

Currency exchange and international transfers

You can transfer money between your own HSBC currency accounts or make a transfer to another payee in over 150 countries and send your money in a choice of over 20 currencies.

Fix your exchange rate
in advance

Fix your exchange rate in advance

If you make recurring transfers, need to make a currency payment on a specific date in the future or prefer to wait for a better rate, you can reduce currency risk with pre- agreed exchange rates.

Invest in the
currency markets

Invest in the currency markets

With higher risks but potentially higher returns than a regular term deposit, a Dual Currency Investment can be tailored to fit your personal economy.

Bespoke foreign
exchange services

Bespoke foreign exchange services

For your larger and more complex currency transactions, we offer bespoke foreign exchange services, including pre-agreed tiered margins.

You should be aware of the potential risk of foreign exchange rates changing. So if you convert your money back to the original currency, you may incur a loss as a result of movements in the markets.

Dual Currency Investment is a high risk investment which could result in you getting back significantly less than the amount you invested. A potential enhanced yield is offered in return for you accepting the foreign exchange risks. Eligibility criteria apply.