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Foreign exchange solutions

Do you have to make mortgage payments back home while you're working overseas? Are your children's school fees paid in a different currency to your salary? Are you planning to buy a property abroad? Our foreign exchange solutions can be used in many different situations - to help you manage your finances when you're living or working abroad.

You can make an international currency transfer up to £50,000 (or the currency equivalent) straight away online. Or fix the exchange rate for a later date - so you know exactly how much you'll get, whatever happens to the currency markets in the meantime.

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We offer four types of foreign exchange transactions.
Spot Transaction

Need to convert your money now? We'll give you a quote at the current exchange rate - and make the transfer within two business days.

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Fixed Forward Transaction

Planning to make a foreign exchange transfer within the next 12 months? We can fix the rate for the transaction - so you don't have to worry about changes in the currency markets.

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Flexible Forward Transaction

Want to convert a sum of money over a period of time? We can fix the exchange rate for the whole period, so you can make a series of transfers - all at the same rate.

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Limit Order

Happy to wait for the exchange rate to improve? Place a Limit Order to convert your money at a specific rate - and we'll make the transfer as soon as the rate is reached.

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You should be aware of the potential risk of foreign exchange rates changing. So when you convert your money back to the original currency, you may incur a loss as a result of movements in the markets.

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Offers the potential to receive an enhanced yield, based on your view of future exchange rates.

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