Chinese Renminbi

Chinese renminbi (CNY, ¥)

In May 2012 HSBC Expat became the first bank in the Channel Islands to offer the offshore renminbi currency to expats. It has been introduced for expats looking to benefit from the huge potential the Chinese currency offers and large growth it has demonstrated since launch.


Offering the offshore renminbi is a natural benefit of the HSBC Group's presence in China and Hong Kong and indeed globally.

The HSBC Group was the first international bank to:

  • Complete a renminbi trade settlement across all six continents,
  • Trade offshore renminbi foreign exchange options,
  • Execute renminbi interest rate swaps in Hong Kong,
  • Develop a renminbi-denominated bond outside Chinese sovereign territory or Hong Kong.

Is it for me?

Do you have a sum of money available to put aside whilst it earns interest over time? Or do you know the markets and want to capitalise on foreign exchange movements? Our renminbi products offer a range of benefits for most people.

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