International Money Transfers

International money transfers

It's easy to move money in and out of your HSBC Expat accounts. You can make an international money transfer online using our Internet Banking service. Or call our telephone banking team - they're available 24/7 to make international transfers on your behalf.

You can also request an international money transfer by post. Just send us all the details and we'll make the transfer as quickly as possible.

Transferring money into your accounts

You can make sterling and currency payments into your HSBC Expat accounts using transfer methods like CHAPS and SWIFT - or by quoting your International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

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Transferring money out of your accounts

Pay bills back home. Send money to children studying overseas. Move funds between accounts in different countries. You can make all kinds of international transfers from your HSBC Expat accounts - with reduced charges when you transfer money online.

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Faster international transfers using Global Transfers

If you're registered for Internet Banking, you can use our Global Transfers service to make international money transfers between your HSBC accounts around the world. Global Transfers take place instantly (or on the same day). All you have to do is link your HSBC accounts using Global View.

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How can Global View help me?

You can use Global View to link HSBC accounts in 36 countries. Our Global Transfers service lets you make international money transfers between HSBC accounts in 33 countries.

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