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International payments and transfers

Currency transfers between your HSBC accounts are quick, easy and convenient via Telephone, Mobile or Online Banking - plus you'll get up to the minute live exchange rates* when using Mobile or Online Banking.

FAQ - common questions answered

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How much does it cost to send money internationally?

How long does an international transfer take and what is the daily cut-off time?

What exchange rates do you offer?

Which currencies can I make an instant Global Transfer in?

Can I cancel a transfer or payment I have made?

What are IBAN and BIC codes?

How long is the live exchange rate valid for?

Which countries can I add to Global View?

Can I send any amount of money to any country?

*Live exchange rates will be provided between the opening hours of the Hong Kong Market on Monday morning (local time) and the close of the New York Market on Friday afternoon (local time) - excluding public holidays and unexpected closures. Transfers made outside of these hours will be based on the most recent closing foreign exchange rates from New York or Hong Kong as applicable, and includes an additional premium in the exchange rate provided.

You should be aware of the potential risk of foreign exchange rates changing. So if you convert your money back to the original currency, you may incur a loss as a result of movements in the markets.

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