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Global Transfers

HSBC's globally linked-up online banking makes it incredibly simple to link your eligible HSBC accounts worldwide - and make instant (or same day) money transfers between them.

Global View

All your HSBC accounts on one screen

As an expat you're likely to have a local bank account in at least two countries. Getting an overview of your worldwide accounts quickly could be difficult.

Global view allows you to view all your HSBC accounts on one screen and access local HSBC online banking services via a single log in (Internet Banking only).

Global Transfers

Global Transfers - Faster transfers to your HSBC accounts

Global Transfers allows you to transfer money to your eligible international HSBC accounts in Global View. HSBC Premier customers are not charged a processing fee to use this service (a foreign exchange margin is applicable if the transaction involves a currency conversion, including cases where the currencies are pegged). For HSBC Advance* customers a foreign exchange fee will be charged for each transfer made, according to the table of fees

The benefits of Global Transfers include:

  • Fast transfers - funds transfer immediately** or on the same day between eligible HSBC accounts
  • Preferential rates on Foreign Exchange transactions
  • Funds transfers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Added peace of mind - all transfers are fully automated
  • Generous single transfer limit allows you to transfer larger amounts between your eligible accounts and benefit from our best rates

* As of 12 May 2014, our HSBC Advance service is no longer available to new customers.

** Please check the supported currency list on our website for a full list of currencies eligible for instant transfers. Global Transfers in currencies other than those set out, will be carried out on the same day, if instructions are submitted before the cut-off time.

You can currently transfer between 31 different countries with Global Transfers. Click here for a full list of countries.

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