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HSBC Mobile Banking FAQs

Common questions answered about HSBC Mobile Banking.

Most asked questions

Which devices can I use the HSBC app on?

How do I download the app and how long will it take me?

What if I can't find the HSBC app in the App StoreSM or Google play™?

I also have other HSBC accounts, can I use Mobile Banking for them?

What do I need to do to set up my log on details for the app?

Will the app cost anything to download or run?

Can I use this app abroad?


Is HSBC Mobile Banking secure?

What should I do if my smartphone/tablet is lost or stolen?

Will the app keep on running if forget to log out or will it time out?

If I share my mobile device, can someone else use the app to log on to their account details?

What if I change my phone/SIM card/network or tablet? And what happens if I uninstall the app?


What banking functions can I perform through HSBC Mobile Banking?

Which accounts will I be able to view?

Can I view my transactions?

What charges information can I see?

Can I download statements from my app?

Who can I make payments to?

Can I cancel/amend a payment?

Will the app notify me when I receive a new message?

Will I be able to view my secure messages?

Can I send or reply to secure messages?

I understand other banking apps can do more, why is this?

Will the balances and information on the app be correct 24/7? And why can't I withdraw money when my balance says I have money in the account?

Does the app have Global View?

What I can do with mobile banking compared to normal Online Banking?

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Download the app

Once you've downloaded the app, select the option 'HSBC Expat'

If you already use the HSBC Mobile Banking app in another country, simply select HSBC Expat from the country drop down list at the top right of the app.

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