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Sharedealing Tax FAQ's

Is HSBC InvestDirect International an offshore service?

Will using funds from an offshore bank account to settle my HSBC InvestDirect International trades create a UK taxable remittance?

Are UK dividends subject to UK withholding tax?

Can I reclaim tax that has been deducted from my non-UK dividends?

I'm not resident (or ordinarily resident) in the UK. Will I be liable for any UK tax?

Where can I find details of tax credits on my dividends - and tax deducted from my dividends?

I'm resident and ordinarily resident in the UK, but I'm not domiciled in the UK. Can I leave my income offshore?

Is the HSBC InvestDirect International service able to provide me with tax advice?

What dividend income reporting is applicable for people from the US?

What is withholding tax?

What should I do if I change my country of tax residency?

What tax treaties will affect me?

Who is the IRS?

Will details of my income be sent to any tax authorities?

Will HSBC Expat claim the benefit of double tax treaties for me?

Will using funds from an offshore bank account to settle my InvestDirect trades create a UK taxable remittance?

The value of investments could go down as well as up, meaning you could get back less than the amount you invested'. You should plan to invest over the medium to long term, at least 5 years as a minimum'. The value of tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.