Education planning for expats | Plan for studying abroad

Education planning for expats

From private schooling to studying abroad, the cost of a good education can be a lot higher for expat families. So it's important to plan ahead if you want to give your children the best start in life.

Plan your children's future calculator

Plan your children's future calculator

Bringing up a family overseas can be expensive. Our calculator will tell you if you're saving enough to cover all the costs - or if you need to set aside more.

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Raising children abroad

Raising children abroad

In our latest Expat Explorer survey, we asked expats to rate the quality and cost of childcare in the country they've moved to.

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Planning for your children's education

Expat guide to education planning

Finding a good English speaking school. Different curriculums. Rising university fees. There's a number of key issues every expat parent needs to consider.

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School and university - things to consider

Things to consider

When you're deciding on a school for your children, your options will depend on the country you've moved to and how much you can afford to spend on their education.

More about education planning for expats

Planning for your children's education

New country, new school

Get tips from our Expat Explorer blog on how to help your children settle into a new school in a different country.

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Step by step guide to financial planning for expats

Step by step guide to financial planning

To fund the education you want for your children, the sooner you start planning the better - so you've time to save enough to cover all the costs.

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Talk to an education planning expert

Whatever your dreams for your children's education, let us help you get financially ready.

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