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HSBC Secure Key

HSBC Secure Key, as the name suggests, is like a front door key for your HSBC online banking. It is roughly half the size of a credit card and looks a bit like a calculator. It uses advanced technology to give you a unique passcode every time you log on.

Throughout history, people have always found ingenious ways to protect what's important to them. It's the same online. The new HSBC Secure Key is designed to make sure only you can access your personal information.

  • Fraud protection
    With Secure Key you have an extra layer of protection. You need your PIN number AND your personal Secure Key device to log on.
  • Peace of mind
    Secure Key gives you greater peace of mind because you have this extra layer of security.
  • Easy to use
    Just switch it on, enter your Secure Key PIN code and it'll give you a unique, one-off six digit passcode each time you log on. It's as simple as that.
  • Small and portable
    It's about the same size as a credit card so it should easily fit in a wallet or purse. You can take it with you and log on to online banking anywhere you choose.

Two-factor authentication

The Secure Key is a two-factor authentication device that will help protect you from online banking fraud. Devices like these are commonly being used for secure transactions all round the world. With this technology you can enjoy far more secure online banking services.

Two-factor authentication, means you not only need a password or PIN, but you also need a device unique to you, like the Secure Key.

Much more secure
The code you need to input online is displayed on the device and therefore seen only by you. Online fraudsters can not steal something you physically have. This extra layer is something unique for each user.

Protection for transactions
All online banking transactions (such as fund transfers to non-designated accounts) need to be authenticated by a device held only by you.

Secure Key Guide

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