HSBC Expat - Secure Key Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions about HSBC Secure Key

General information about Secure Key

How does Secure Key work?

Do I have to use my Secure Key every time I log on?

What will I be able to use with limited service?

What do I do if I do not have my Secure Key with me?

Can I have a second Secure Key, one for work and one for home?

How does Secure Key differ from other banks' log on devices?

Why do I have to use my Secure Key to validate transactions?

Do I have to use Secure Key to validate all payments?

As I have several accounts with HSBC will I need to have a Secure Key for each?

Upgrading to Secure Key

I have not received my Secure Key

Why does my Secure Key keep switching off?

I am likely to be away from home when my Secure Key arrives

Log on details

Why do I have to set up a PIN on my Secure Key?

What if I forget or lock one of my log in details or PIN?

What if I forget all my log on details?

Can I change any of my log on details in the future?

Will I still need to use my existing password?

Replacement Secure Key

How long does the battery last?

What happens if I lose my Secure Key or it breaks?

How long will it take for a replacement Secure Key to arrive?

I have received my Secure Key and it is not working?

If I report my Secure Key as lost and then find it, can I use it?

What do I do with old Secure Key, are they recyclable?

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