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When you open an HSBC Expat account by 30 April 2019 and deposit and maintain £50,000*

*Or currency equivalent. Terms and conditions apply

When change feels right, go with it.

Our award winning expat banking service makes it easier for you to manage your money internationally, so you can spend more time enjoying your expat lifestyle.

  • £200 (or currency equivalent) when you open a new HSBC Expat account*
  • A choice of savings accounts in up to 19 currencies
  • Specialist foreign exchange services
  • Expat insights to help you make the most of life abroad

Limited Offer ends 30 April 2019

*To be eligible for our limited offer you must:

Open an Expat Bank Account


HSBC Expat is a participant in the Jersey Bank Depositor Compensation Scheme. The Scheme offers protection for eligible deposits of up to £50,000. The maximum total amount of compensation is capped at £100,000,000 in any 5 year period. Full details of the scheme and banking groups covered are available on the states of Jersey website or on request. Deposits and investments made with our office in Jersey are not protected by the rules made under the UK's Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, including the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and the UK's Financial Ombudsman Service.

Important information for Hong Kong residents only: Please be advised that customers who hold deposits with HSBC Bank Plc, Jersey Branch and who are resident in Hong Kong are not protected deposits under the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Scheme and are not protected by such Scheme. If you are a resident of Hong Kong, we suggest that you visit the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board's website www.dps.org.hk for further guidance.

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Our Expat bank account stays with you no matter how many times you move.

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