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Check eStatements for your HSBC Expat accounts. Transfer money and pay bills. Open savings accounts and track investments. You can do all this (and more) in Internet Banking.

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Link eligible HSBC accounts from around the world - and make instant transfers between accounts in different currencies. (You'll need your Secure Key for some of these features.)

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Our secure Online Banking lets you access your HSBC Expat Accounts whenever you want, wherever you are in the World.

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Locating statements

Three different types of statements are available within online banking. Find out what you can expect to see when viewing your statements and how to locate the correct one.

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Global View and Global Transfers

Global View and Global Transfers have moved. To find out where to find them and how to Move money between your HSBC accounts in different countries read our guide.

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Transaction searching

If you have not made any transactions in the last 30 days you will receive a red warning message. Use the search function to view transactions from the last 12 months, or view your statements to see your transactions in PDF format.

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Secure web browsing

To make sure the connection between your web browser and our Internet Banking service is secure, you can download Trusteer Rapport software from our website free of charge.

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HSBC Secure Key

Your Secure Key ensures that only you can access your HSBC accounts online, giving you an extra level of protection when you're using our Internet Banking service.

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Extra card security

If you shop online using your HSBC debit or credit cards, you can sign up for Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode to prevent anyone else using your card details.

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Rapport is software of Trusteer, an IBM® company. IBM is the trade name of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.