Open an HSBC Expat account to get a range of offers on banking, FX and wealth.

Limited time offers. Terms and conditions apply.

Exclusive benefits just for you

Get £200 on us
Get lower investment fees
Get better rates

There’s never been a better time to join HSBC Expat – now with four great offers to manage all your financial needs

Open your first HSBC Expat account and get £200 or currency equivalent on us

When you fund £50,000 and register for digital banking within 3 months of opening your account.1

Get lower upfront advised investment fees

On new investments, if you haven't invested in the last 12 months.2

Get better Forex rates

When you make a qualifying transaction over the phone or using the HSBC Expat FX app.3

Get an extra 0.20% AER / gross bonus interest

On selected Fixed Term Deposits opened within 90 days of opening your first Expat bank account.4


Limited time offers. Terms and conditions apply

Unlock more benefits with HSBC Expat

  • open a current account in GBP, USD and EUR
  • multicurrency savings accounts in 19 currencies
  • access exclusive exchange rates through the HSBC Expat FX app
  • enjoy complimentary travel security services from WorldAware®
  • manage your money with the help of a Premier Relationship Manager

Is it for me?

New HSBC Expat customers must be 18 years or over, currently live or be situated in an eligible country or region, and meet one of these criteria:
  • hold a minimum of £50,000 (or currency equivalent) with us
  • have a sole salary of £100,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • have already qualified for HSBC Premier in another country / region

Additional information

1. Or currency equivalent. £200 cashback offer available for new HSBC Expat Premier customers only. You must fund your HSBC Expat Bank account and register for digital banking within 3 months of opening your account. Limited offer ends 31 March. This offer could be withdrawn early. Terms and conditions apply (PDF)


2. Only available for customers who have not had an investment with HSBC Expat in the last 12 months. Limited offer ends 31 March. See full Investments Offer Terms and Conditions (PDF)


3. Up to 20% discount on foreign exchange transactions on the HSBC Expat FX app up to 44,999 USD. Discounts subject to transaction size: 0 to 7,499 USD = 20%; 7,500 to 18,749 USD = 14.5%; 18,750 to 26,249 USD = 7.4%; 26,250 to 44,999 USD = 5.9%. See full FX App Offer Terms and Conditions (PDF). Save 5% on foreign exchange transactions over the phone between 45,000 USD and 149,999 USD FX Voice Offer Terms and Conditions (PDF). Limited offer ends 31 March.


4. New HSBC Expat customers only. You must open a Fixed Term Deposit account via your Relationship Manager within 90 days of opening your Expat bank account. Limited offer ends 30 June. This offer could be withdrawn early. Terms and conditions apply (PDF)


HSBC Expat Terms of Business (PDF, 129KB)

Tariff of Charges (PDF, 91KB)


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Please remember that the value of investments, and any income received from them, can fall as well as rise, is not guaranteed and you may not get back the amount you invested. This could also happen as a result of changes in currency exchange rates, particularly where overseas securities are held or where investments are converted from one currency to another. We always recommend that any Investments held should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment, at least five years.