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3 month Savings Booster

Move your savings to us and earn special rates in USD, GBP, HKD and AED

Earn more interest and make your savings grow

Open a 3 month Savings Booster to get special interest rates with our limited offer account available until 12 October.

  • Available in US dollar, sterling, Hong Kong dollar and UAE dirham

    USD 1.25%, GBP/HKD/AED 1.00% AER/Gross

  • Know exactly how much interest you'll earn

    Once your account is opened, rates are fixed for the 3 month term

  • Deposits must be new to HSBC Expat

    Min deposit GBP/USD 25,000; HKD 250,000; AED 125,000

    Max deposit GBP/USD 2.5m; HKD 25m; AED 12.5m or GBP/USD 5m; HKD 50m; AED 25m for joint accounts

The offer may be withdrawn early and rates may be subject to change. 

Things you should know

  • all rates are AER/Gross fixed for 3 months
  • interest will be calculated daily and paid at the end of the 3 month term
  • you can open an account in each of the currencies
  • early deposit withdrawals may incur a fee1
  • at the end of the 3 month term, your deposit plus interest will be paid into your nominated HSBC Expat instant access account
  • your nominated HSBC Expat instant access account must be held for the full 3 month term plus one month, and be in the same name and currency as your Savings Booster account

How to apply

HSBC Expat Customers

Simply log on, go to 'Our Products' and select 'Savings Booster'.

Applicable for sole accounts only.

Not yet registered for online banking?

Not yet banking with HSBC Expat?

You can apply for a Savings Booster once you've opened a Bank Account with us.

1There is a £50 charge payable for early closures, plus any additional costs to HSBC of funding the repayments. Partial withdrawal of funds is not permitted. Depending on when the withdrawal is made and the amount deposited, you may get back less than originally invested.

Fixed Term Deposits may occasionally be unavailable in certain currencies due to public holidays.

Interest rates are quoted for indication purposes only and are subject to variation.

AER (Annual Equivalent Rate): This is a notional interest rate which illustrates what the gross rate would be if interest were paid and compounded each year. 
Gross: The interest rate before the deduction of tax applicable to interest on savings accounts.

It is your responsibility to report earnings to the appropriate tax authorities. However, all the interest you earn from your accounts may be subject to reporting to relevant tax authorities.



HSBC Expat is a participant in the Jersey Bank Depositor Compensation Scheme. The Scheme offers protection for eligible deposits of up to GBP 50,000. The maximum total amount of compensation is capped at GBP 100,000,000 in any 5 year period. Full details of the scheme and banking groups covered are available on the States of Jersey website or on request. Deposits and investments made with our office in Jersey are not protected by the rules made under the UK's Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, including the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and the UK's Financial Ombudsman Service. Deposits made with our office in Jersey are not protected deposits under the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Scheme and are not protected by such scheme.

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