How do expats feel about their ambitions and finances?

In today's fast-moving world, understanding your finances is key to achieving success.

63 per cent

63% have seen their disposable income increase since moving abroad.

9 per cent

Only 9% of expats have had help from a financial adviser.

52 per cent

Expats find their finances complex to manage, 52% of these say this is due to their tax situation.

60 per cent

60% say that saving for retirement is one of their top 3 goals.

Future outlook

This edition of Expat Explorer reveals growing global confidence, with nearly two thirds of expats optimistic about the next 12 months.

Read valuable insights into what it is like to live abroad right now.

65 per cent

65% of expats are feeling optimistic about the year ahead.

75 per cent

75% of expats are optimistic 'normality' will return.

71 per cent

At 71%, Asia ranked as the highest region for optimism about the year ahead.

80 per cent

4 out of 5 expats say they will continue living in their host country for the next year at least.

Expat lifestyle

Two thirds of expats report a better quality of life since relocating.

Read how expats are staying for longer and embracing their communities.

92 per cent

Nearly all expats in Australia, Switzerland and Jersey (CI) would recommend the location as a stable place to live.

45 per cent

Expats recommend living in Europe for expanding cultural horizons (42%) and stability (45%).

90 per cent

9 out of 10 expats in Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus and Spain recommend moving there for the quality of life.

71 per cent

Overall, the MENAT region (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) was the highest ranking region for quality of life, with 71% of expats recommending it.

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