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Register to refer a friend if you're an existing customer, or if you've been referred - and share GBP 500 for every successful referral.

Introduce a friend to the HSBC Expat experience and share GBP 500

If you're already an existing HSBC Expat Premier customer, why not refer your friends and family? For every successful referral made we'll reward each of you and your friend or family member with GBP 250 or the euro or US dollar currency equivalent.

  • Bring your international accounts closer with our worldwide banking services - Global View and Global Transfers. View and manage all your HSBC accounts in one place and make free transfers between them.
  • Wealth and Relationship Management expertise to help you grow and protect your wealth.
  • View all your bank accounts, convert currency, make global transfers and get market insights with our FX app.
  • Crisis24 security services offers international risk management for all Expat customers, covering everything from travel safety to identity theft.

This offer is limited to 5 successful referrals within a 12 month period.

How it works

  1. Invite your referred person to start their banking relationship with HSBC Expat.
  2. Your referred person successfully opens an HSBC Expat Bank Account.
  3. We say thank you and reward you both with GBP 250 (or the euro or US dollar currency equivalent), which will be paid in to your HSBC Expat Bank Accounts.

Ready to be rewarded?

Already with Expat or being referred?

You can register for Share the Experience  whether you're an existing customer referring a friend, or if you've been referred.

New to Expat?

You need to be an existing HSBC Expat Premier customer before you can refer a friend.

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