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International services

Our award-winning banking services enable you to keep your money in one location, no matter how often you move.

Our multi-currency account available in GBP, EUR or USD.
Read valuable insights into what it's like to live abroad right now.

Our international services

HSBC accounts around the world? We've made moving money between them simple with our Global View and Global Transfer services.
Make fast transfers around the world.
Payments and transfers to and from your HSBC Expat accounts.
From simple currency transactions to complex international financial management, FX services help you capitalise on our global expertise.
Enjoy the convenience of using your debit or credit card in any outlet that displays your card's logo (eg VISA).
Crisis24 security services offers international risk management for all Expat customers, covering everything from travel safety to identity theft.

International tax services

Expat tax doesn't need to be complex with our simple guide.
Discover how your international finances might be affected by local tax regulation.
Get tailor-made international tax advice from tax specialists EY.

Why HSBC Expat

For those with financial interests overseas, moving to an offshore account with us can open up a world of opportunity.
Support for when you move to a new country.
Living or working abroad can bring its challenges - we're here to help when it comes to your finances.
Moving or starting a business abroad is life-changing. Set up your finances, wherever you want to go.

Country guides to popular destinations

Banking, advice and support for expats in Germany.
Banking, advice and support for Hong Kong expats.
Banking, advice and support for expats in Spain.
Banking, advice and support for UK expats.

Your guide to international living

Make expat life simpler with our global expertise.
If you've got an international lifestyle, a non-resident bank account could make it easier to manage your money.
Read our 10-step guide to moving abroad to make sure you've got everything covered.
Discover how offshore bank accounts can help you manage your international finances.
How has global mobility evolved since the pandemic, and how can this benefit you or your business?
Discover what you could do to help fund a degree abroad.