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International tax advice from EY

Get tailor-made advice from tax specialists EY

International Tax Service from EY

If your financial interests are spread across a number of countries it's vital that you understand your tax commitments. HSBC doesn't provide tax advice but we can refer you to specialists EY for their International Tax Services.


They have tax experts based in more than 140 countries and regions around the world and can offer advice on international tax, give departure and arrival tax briefings when you're moving country as well as help with tax returns.

Benefits of using EY

  • Offices in more than 140 countries and regions
    Experts around the globe to help you understand international tax.
  • International tax advice
    Personal tax advice for HSBC Premier customers.
  • Understand your tax advice when moving country
    EY will explain how your tax status will be affected when arriving at or departing from a country or region.
  • Help with tax returns
    A single point of contact to co-ordinate the completion and filing of all your worldwide tax returns.

What EY provides

Once referred by us to EY you will become one of their customers and and subject to their terms and conditions.

International tax advice

HSBC Premier customers can avail of a free, one-hour no obligation meeting with EY who will review your circumstances and identify areas where they may be able to assist you.

If you become a customer you will receive advice tailored to your individual circumstances on issues such as tax legislation, buying or selling a property and managing your wealth.

Departure and arrival tax

Your tax situation can change significantly when you move to another country so EY can provide a departure tax briefing, by phone, before you relocate or alternatively guidance if you're already abroad.

Both HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers can avail of this service which will cover topics such as residency rules, double taxation agreements, capital gains tax, inheritance tax laws in your new country of residence, and where your investments are held.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, we have a fixed fee with EY in some locations1.

Tax returns

For HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers, EY can help to co-ordinate everything on your behalf in the countries and regions where you have tax interests1. This includes a single point of contact so your tax returns are prepared and filed, as well as any tax liabilities or overpayments calculated and advice on payment dates.

Contact us

You must be an HSBC Expat customer to benefit from EY's International Tax Service from EY.

Premier customers: +44 1534 616 313

Advance customers: +44 1534 616 212


Not yet an HSBC Expat customer?

Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security and service improvement purposes.


Tax rules vary in each country and region. Expat banking offers tax-related benefits so it's important to seek professional advice. It's your responsibility to disclose your income to the authorities in countries or regions where you have tax obligations. 

We don't accept any responsibility for tax advice provided by EY and any information acted on by you will be at your own risk.

1This is offered as a fixed-fee service for the following locations. It uses three fee bands: simple, standard and complex. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

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