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US dollar accounts

Explore our range of savings and current accounts available in USD.

Find a US dollar account to suit you

Whether you're looking to access multiple currencies, save or spend, we have a range of US dollar accounts to suit your international lifestyle.

Why get a US dollar account

Dollar access whenever, wherever

Enjoy access to the world's biggest currency whenever you need it, wherever you happen to be.

Get the latest rates

Benefit from up to date conversion rates from and into USD.

Flexible account management

Choose your currency depending on global exchange rates.

Explore our US dollar accounts

Discover our range of savings and current accounts available in USD.


Our multi-currency account available in GBP, EUR or USD.


Your money deserves it’s own passport. Unlock a world of benefits with a Global Money Account.


Save for a fixed period of time that suits you.


An instant-access account with bonus interest payments.


A flexible savings account with easy access to your money.

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