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Global Money Transfers

Make fast transfers around the world.

Quick, convenient global transfers

Use the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app[@using-the-app] to make transfers from your current account, instant access savings account or Global Money account. Get competitive rates[@gma-fx-rates], and pay like a local with 24 hour transfer times for most currencies.

The world in your pocket

Send money around the globe, straight from the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app. It's fast, simple and secure.

  • Send money to non-HSBC accounts around the world in 1-3 days
  • Enjoy our best foreign exchange rates - aligned with the market and refreshed regularly.[@gma-fx-rates]
  • No fees on international payments made with Global Money.[@feefreetransfers]
  • Easily track the status of online or mobile international payments with the mobile app

How to use Global Money Transfers

Get started with Global Money Transfers

Already with Expat?

You need to be registered for online banking and have the HSBC Mobile Banking app to use Global Money Transfers.

New to Expat?

You can start making Global Money Transfers once you've opened an Expat Bank Account with us.

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