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Services and local guides for expats moving to or from the US.

Relocating? We'll help get you moving

If you’re moving to the States, or you're a US citizen heading abroad, your bank account is one of the first things you’ll need to sort out. Our award-winning [@award-winning] expat account gives you instant access to your funds no matter where you are in the world [@regional-restrictions], and unlocks a range of other services.

While you're here, check out our guides and articles on other things you might need to consider about living and working in the US, or browse our expat guides for more locations.


Hit the ground running with our Expat Bank Account

Our award-winning international bank account is your passport to better global banking. Set up your account in USD, EUR or GBP and enjoy instant access to your funds as well as a range of FX services, mortgages, investments and savings accounts.

International banking and life in the US

Learn more about living abroad and managing your money around the world.
Your guide to expat life in the United States of America - from education and expenses, to transport and tax.
Read our 10-step guide to moving abroad to make sure you've got everything covered.
If you've got an international lifestyle, a non-resident bank account could make it easier to manage your money.
Discover how offshore bank accounts can help you manage your international finances.

What you get with an Expat Bank Account

  • Easy international payments
    Get a free Global Money Account and make payments in multiple currencies, including USD, from your mobile.
  • FX services
    Access specialist guidance and a suite of services in the app, online and over the phone.
  • Multi-currency savings
    Grow your money with fixed and flexible savings accounts in up to 19 currencies, including USD.
  • Online sharedealing
    Buy and sell shares in multiple currencies, including USD, with no set-up charge or annual management fees.

Ready to apply?

Find out if you're eligible for an HSBC Expat Bank Account and get started with Expat today.

American Expats in the UK

While there are many similarities between American and British culture, being a US expat in the UK can still prove disorientating – especially when it comes to money. Whether you’ve relocated to the Scottish Highlands or a bustling borough of London, our guides and resources can help you settle into life in the UK.

American Expats in Spain

With its sunny climate, rich culture and spectacular cuisine, it’s no wonder that Spain is such a popular destination for US expats. Take a look at our guide for tips on living as an American expat in Spain.

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