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Home loans and buy-to-let mortgages

New to HSBC Expat? To benefit from our international mortgage products, you'll need to open an HSBC Expat Bank Account.

Mortgages for expats

It can be difficult getting a mortgage if you're a non-UK resident and you receive your salary in a foreign currency or lack a UK credit history. At HSBC Expat, we understand your needs and can help you find a mortgage.


Explore how you could benefit from our international mortgages and lending products when you open an HSBC Expat bank account.


Invest in a property in the UK to rent to tenants.


Get help buying a home in the UK for you or your family to live in.


Our global connections can help you with an international mortgage application.


Get a foothold on the UK property ladder.


Secure a loan to buy a property in another country.

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