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International banking

Accounts and services designed to make expat life easier.

Whether you're living abroad, or have other international banking needs, our award-winning Expat Bank Account is your passport to better global banking.

Saving, sending and growing your money

We know moving overseas is complicated, but international banking doesn't have to be. Once you've got an Expat Bank Account, there's a world of other options to explore.
Your money deserves it’s own passport. Unlock a world of benefits with a Global Money Account.
Save in up to 19 currencies with our range of instant access and fixed-term savings accounts for expats.
Explore our range of savings and current accounts available in USD.
Everything we do is dedicated to growing, managing and protecting your assets.

International services

HSBC accounts around the world? We've made moving money between them simple with our Global View and Global Transfer services.
Payments and transfers to and from your HSBC Expat accounts.
From simple currency transactions to complex international financial management, FX services help you capitalise on our global expertise.

Find out more about international banking

Discover how offshore bank accounts can help you manage your international finances.
Find out how exchange rates move based on supply and demand and how you can use currencies as an investment.
A limit order lets you set the rate at which you want to exchange your money from one currency to another. If that rate becomes available, the exchange will occur automatically.
Read our 10-step guide to moving abroad to make sure you've got everything covered.
If you've got an international lifestyle, a non-resident bank account could make it easier to manage your money.