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Dispute a transaction

Let us know if a transaction on your account isn't right.

Don't recognise a transaction?

There may be a number of reasons why there is a transaction on your account that you don't recognise. Here are some possible explanations which might help you identify the transaction, but if you still don't recognise it, you can contact us.

Check the retailer's name

Retailers sometimes trade under different names, so the one on your statement might not be what you expect. Try entering the retailer's name into a search engine to find out more.

Look out for additional charges

Some retailers, such as hotels, taxis, airlines or hire cars, can add additional surcharges

Double-check your receipts

Dig out your receipts to see if you have any from the same day and for the same amount bit with a different retailer name

Scan your inbox

You often get confirmation emails or receipts by email and these might show different retailer names

Think about exchange rates

If the transaction you don't recognise was made in a foreign currency, the final amount could be different to the amount at the time of purchase

Ask another account holder

If someone shares your account, they may have made the transactions

Check repeat payments

If may be that this is an ongoing payment related to something you set up or subscribed to some time ago

Recognise a transaction but wish to dispute it?

For guidance on actions you can take in the following scenarios, or on what might have happened, please see below. You should speak to the retailer before us, as they’re in the best place to resolve your query, but if you are still unable to sort it out, you can contact us.

I haven't received something I ordered and paid for

  • Check your order note - retailers often confirm via email or post when an order has been processed and/or when it has been dispatched (and expected date of delivery)
  • Have you allowed sufficient time for delivery (typically up to 15 working days)?
  • The retailer may have extended the delivery period due to reasons such as low stock
  • Goods are often left with neighbours so it may be useful to check with them
  • Confirmation or digital goods are often sent via email and can get lost in your junk mail folder
  • The merchant may have been unable to fulfil your order and has offered a refund

I've been charged the wrong amount

  • Taxes, service fees and card surcharges can be added to payments
  • Currency amounts can often differ from the transaction amount at point of purchase eg retailers may have offered a currency conversion service at the point of payment
  • Some merchants bundle together smaller payments into one larger invoiced transaction

I've been expecting a refund

  • Are you within the terms of refund/cancellation with the retailer or vendor? Hotel bookings often have refund restrictions. Travel tickets can often be non-refundable. Stores often issue credit vouchers instead
  • Have you allowed enough time for a refund to be processed and credited back to your card/account?
  • Could the refund have been issued via an alternative method such as a cheque or voucher?
  • Retailers often send confirmation emails which may state why a refund has not been received so don't forget to check your junk email folder

I've been charged for a subscription I cancelled

  • Your agreement with the retailer may be legally binding; check the correct cancellation procedure with them and keep records of the date, time, contact names and details of any conversations
  • Has the retailer received or confirmed receipt of your notice of cancellation?
  • Have you allowed sufficient time for the cancellation (subscriptions often have a termination period of up to 30 days); it may not be possible for us to stop the next payment and you may still be liable for monies owed
  • Did you give us the correct transaction details when you asked us to cancel the subscription?
  • If your subscription is an auto-renewal (eg a McAfee annual payment), you must cancel with the merchant directly

I didn't withdraw cash from ATM

  • It can take a number of working days for errors to be identified and reversed/refunded so please allow sufficient time for this

I think I've been charged by a scam retailer

  • Offers of free periods or trials may have specific terms around eligibility
  • Expiry of trial periods typically take further payments/charges without warning
  • The retailer may have provided additional goods or services which incur additional cost
  • Retailers are best placed to resolve your issue quickly or provide an update
  • Contact Trading Standards for advice as scam retailers, especially those pretending to be government organisations, may be known to them

How to dispute a transaction

  • By phone


    HSBC Expat Premier customer:
    +44 1534 616 313

    HSBC Expat Advance customer:
    +44 1534 616 212


    To help us continually improve our service, and in the interest of security, we may monitor and/or record your communication with us.

  • Online

    If you're an existing customer and use online banking, you can send us a secure message once you have logged on.
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