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Online banking

Bank securely at the branch that never closes

Banking designed for your desktop

Quick, easy and secure, online banking gives you instant access to your HSBC Expat accounts from anywhere in the world.

Why bank online?

Here are some of the key features of our online banking service:

  • All your accounts in one place

    See a detailed view of your balance and transactions, and link eligible HSBC accounts in other countries to see everything in one place.

  • Move money with ease

    Make payments or transfer money to your other HSBC accounts or existing payees quickly and easily.

  • Switch to paperless

    If you switch to online statements, you can view or download them whenever you want.

  • Security as standard

    Log on and know that your accounts and transactions are safe.

  • International transfers

    Transfer money to over 150 countries worldwide in a choice of over 20 currencies.

  • Free UK bill payments

    You won't be charged to make online payments to more than 700 UK companies.

  • Live exchange rates

    Get real-time exchange rates during market hours, so you know the exact rate applied to your currency transfers.1

Online banking is evolving

Thanks to your feedback, we've been busy improving online banking to better suit your needs.

We've enhanced how it looks, making it easier for you to carry out day-to-day tasks like making payments or viewing statements. We're not changing the way things work, so you can still log on as normal.

Never lose a bank statement

Tired of misplacing your paperwork? Or are your financial files fit to burst? Switch to online statements and you'll never have to file your bank statements again. Once you opt-in, you can quickly and securely access digital copies of your statements any time.

Digital bank statements are in the same format as hardcopies, the only thing that changes is the way you receive them. If you ever need a paper copy of a statement, you can give us a call to request one.

Get started with online banking

You’ll need all of the following before you can register for online banking:

  • an active HSBC Expat account
  • your 10-digit Personal Banking Number (PBN)
  • an HSBC Expat Secure Key or the HSBC Expat mobile banking app

You'll find your PBN on the welcome letter (or email) that we sent when you opened your account with us. Your Telephone Banking PIN and Secure Key is sent to you separately. Each item is sent out individually for security reasons.

All items are issued from our head office in Jersey and may take 5-10 days to reach you, depending on your location. If you haven’t received the items within 14 days of opening your account, please call us on +44 1534 616 313 if you're a Premier customer or +44 1534 616 212 if you're an Advance customer.

As part of the registration process, you will need to accept our online banking Terms and Conditions. You can download a copy of our online banking Terms and Conditions from Forms and downloads.

New to online banking?

If you've never used the service, you need to register first.

Already registered?

If you're already registered for online banking, you can log on now.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Visit our online banking FAQs page to find out more. 

1Live exchange rates available during Hong Kong, London and New York market hours - excluding public holidays and unexpected closures. Transfers made outside of these hours will be based on the most recent closing foreign exchange rates as applicable, and includes an additional premium in the exchange rate provided.

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