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Global Money Account

Make quick and easy payments across borders with an HSBC Expat Global Money Account.

19 currencies, one account

If you're an HSBC Expat customer, Global Money offers an enhanced banking experience designed to meet your international needs. Transfer money between HSBC accounts and to other banks around the world, in 19 currencies. Plus, enjoy an added layer of protection and reassurance with our inbuilt authentication.[@global-money-transfer-eligibility]

One account, a world of opportunities

Fast, easy, flexible. A Global Money Account lets you make payments and transfers in up to 19 currencies.

  • There's no minimum balance and you can manage everything from your mobile
  • Enjoy our best foreign exchange rates - aligned with the market and refreshed regularly[@gma-fx-rates]
  • Pay no extra cost to open or hold your Global Money Account
  • Move money between currencies quickly and easily

The card that lets you spend like a local

Go contactless or withdraw cash in millions of spots around the world with a Global Money debit card.

  • Spend in 18 currencies - including EUR, USD, HKD, AED - directly from your Global Money Account
  • Get a physical and digital card you can manage in the app
  • Convert currencies from your GBP balance when you spend, and enjoy competitive pricing aligned with the market and refreshed regularly. Fees may apply[@local-and-cash-machine-fees]
  • Use with Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™

Quick, convenient global transfers

It's easier than ever before to make payments around the world with Global Money Transfers.

  • Make instant global transfers between HSBC accounts
  • Send money to non-HSBC accounts in 1-3 days
  • No fees on international payments made with Global Money until 31 March 2023
  • View and manage all your HSBC accounts in one place with Global View and Global Transfers

Things to know

Who can apply?

To get a Global Money Account, you'll need to have:

Get started with Global Money

You need the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app to use Global Money. If you already have the app, open it to get started.

Don't have an account with us?

To benefit from our Global Money account, you'll need to open an HSBC Expat Bank Account. Get £300 cashback when you open an account. 

Eligibility and T&Cs apply. Offer ends 31 March 2023.

Frequently asked questions

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