For banking in global currencies, we're right with you

Our award-winning expat bank account is made for people living and working abroad. No matter how many times you move to a different country, your account with us stays the same. And to make life a little bit easier, you can view all of your HSBC accounts around the world with a single log on.


  • Current accounts available in sterling, US dollar and euro
  • Choose to open additional savings accounts in up to 19 currencies
  • Set up local bank accounts ready for when you arrive in a new country
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the HSBC Premier service including a Premier Relationship Manager to help you and your family manage your money
  • Complimentary travel security services from WorldAware®
  • 24/7 phone, online and mobile banking
  • Manage foreign currencies with your HSBC Expat FX App
  • Visa debit card in sterling or US dollars, with contactless payments available with the US dollar card


To join HSBC Expat, you must be 18 years or over and meet one of these criteria:
  • hold a minimum of £50,000 (or currency equivalent) with us
  • have a sole salary of £100,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • have already qualified for HSBC Premier in another country

How to apply

Things you should know

Your Expat bank account will be held in Jersey, Channel Islands, a secure offshore jurisdiction and one of the world's leading and best-regulated international finance centres as recognised by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

We may not be able to offer accounts in every country or territory1.

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1HSBC Expat products and services are available only in jurisdictions where and when they may be lawfully offered by us. The material on these pages is not intended for use by persons located in or resident in jurisdictions which restrict the distribution of this material by us. Persons accessing these pages are required to inform themselves about any relevant restrictions and observe them. Not all products or services mentioned on this website will be available to residents of all countries, due to HSBC Policy.