Introduce friends and colleagues to HSBC Expat

There's no limit to the number of friends you can introduce to share the experience you're already enjoying with HSBC Premier. For each referral we'll reward you with GBP 200 to share. You'll both enjoy the benefits of our account including:

  • Potential tax benefits depending on your circumstances
  • Premier Wealth and Relationship Management expertise to help you grow and protect your wealth
  • The convenience of international access, including a single online view of all your eligible worldwide HSBC accounts

The things you should know

Not all the products and services that you may be able to view via this site, including this offer are available in certain countries. See our country guidelines. Whilst banking offshore may have potential tax benefits for you, tax rules differ from country to country. If you are unsure about your personal tax obligations, you should seek professional advice. It is your responsibility to disclose your income to the tax authorities.

How to introduce a friend


Simply complete the short online referral form.

By phone

Call our Premier Contact Centre.

+44 1534 616313

What happens next?

We'll first contact your friend by email and then ring them within a couple of days. When they open their new account, you'll each receive GBP 100 within 30 days.