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Confirming online card purchases

New measures to help keep you safe from fraud

When you use your credit or debit card online, we may ask you to confirm the payment to make it harder for fraudsters to make payments without your knowledge. We're updating this process in line with Payment Services Regulations. See below to find more information for your card type.

Confirming payments with a debit card

You may be asked to confirm online card purchases.  

To do this with your debit card, we'll send a one-time passcode (OTP) to your mobile phone or email address. You will need to enter the OTP to verify and continue with your payment. Please ensure we have your correct contact details.

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Confirming payments with a credit card

As part of new payment rules, online retailers now need to ask HSBC to carry out additional checks to confirm that it's really you using your card.  

The options available to you to confirm your purchases are:


We'll send a one-time passcode (OTP) to your mobile phone for you to enter to verify and continue with your payment. Please ensure we have your correct mobile number. We have introduced extra security to do a 'double check', known as 2 factor authentication, to make sure it's you making the payment. You will have to input your email address as well as the OTP to confirm your payment.

Card reader

If you can't confirm your purchases using the SMS option, we've introduced a new card reader option. 

A card reader is a small, handheld device that generates one-time codes to confirm online card purchases. To use it, you'll need to insert your debit or credit card into the device. We'll ask you to enter your card PIN followed by an authentication code, shown on your purchase screen.

The card reader will generate an 8-digit code for you to enter on the purchase screen to confirm the transaction. 

If you require a card reader device, please give us a call. In the meantime, should you be asked to confirm an online card purchase, and you can't use the SMS method, call us to discuss other options to complete your purchase.

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