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Discover Australia

Prepare for expat living with our handy guides to life, work and managing your money in Australia.

Want to move to Australia?

From the inviting weather and incredible scenery to high-quality education and career opportunities, Australia is a popular choice for expats. You’ll need to meet the entry requirements to get a visa, but the country has a wealth of opportunities on offer.

Living costs in Australia can be high, so managing your money is important. Salaries can also be high, depending on where you’re moving to and your experience. New residents can expect a warm welcome to add to the already warm weather. The laid-back, friendly Australian reputation is well earned.

Working in Australia

Australia can be a promising work destination – the country boasts a high minimum wage and good salaries, but living costs are also high.

You’ll need a visa to work in Australia. There are different types of working visas, so you’ll need to find one which suits the work you intend to do, as well as how long you’re planning to stay. There are permanent work visas, as well as temporary and short stay. Depending on the role, you may need to do a skills assessment.

Business hours typically run from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, and are conducted in English.

Explore life in Australia

If you’re making the move to the land down under, we’ve broken down the essentials to help you get ready, including employment, accommodation and education.

Australia has a huge amount to offer expats, from exciting outdoor pursuits and cosmopolitan cities to world-class healthcare, excellent schools and a good work-life balance.

Should you get an offshore bank account?

An offshore account can be useful for expats looking to keep some money in a central location, rather than one specific country or region. 

Our Expat Bank Account is an offshore account that comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • A Global Money Account - Make quick and easy payments across borders.
  • Relationship manager - Someone to help you and your family manage your money.
  • Online and on mobile - Manage your banking, FX and investments wherever, whenever.

You can set your account up in USD, EUR or GBP and you can hold it alongside accounts in the country you're leaving or the one you're moving to.

Top tips

Here's what expats have told us about living in Australia.

Have a good work life balance so that you see as much of Australia as possible since it's such a big country. Too many expats make the mistake of not seeing enough of Australia due to work commitments.
Plan your accommodation as that was the hardest part for us especially if you are in a family. Take enough money to last at least 2 to 3 months as it can take that long to get a job.
Consider the type of environment you wish to live in. Australian cities can be surprisingly suburban and long commuting can be involved, so do some research and have a good look around.

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