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Discover Thailand

Prepare for expat living with our handy guides to life, work and managing your money in Thailand.

Want to move to Thailand?

From idyllic islands and lush scenery to the busy capital city of Bangkok - the Kingdom of Thailand is a land of contrasts. It welcomes expats with a barrage of new experiences, from the cuisine to the distinctive Thai language.

Accommodation is affordable and modern, and the public transport and communications infrastructure are good.

With living costs and accommodation, alongside enjoying everything the country has to offer, managing your money when moving to Thailand is important.

Working in Thailand

Thailand’s working environment is defined by its bustling capital and savvy business culture. 

You’ll need a valid work permit to work in Thailand – and these are only issued to people who have secured a job on the current ‘permitted’ list, which should be available from your nearest Thai embassy or consulate. 

Thai is the official business language, but English is widely spoken, especially in Bangkok. Business hours are usually from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Explore life in Thailand

If you’re moving to Thailand, read our guide to help you find out more about living here.

Thailand’s climate and low cost of living make it an incredibly popular destination to start a new life.

Should you get an offshore bank account?

An offshore account can be useful for expats looking to keep some money in a central location, rather than one specific country or region. 

Our Expat Bank Account is an offshore account that comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • A Global Money Account - Make quick and easy payments across borders.
  • Relationship manager - Someone to help you and your family manage your money.
  • Online and on mobile - Manage your banking, FX and investments wherever, whenever.

You can set your account up in USD, EUR or GBP and you can hold it alongside accounts in the country you're leaving or the one you're moving to.

Top tips

Here's what expats have told us about living in Thailand.

It can allow you to become more family centred. Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. You'll find you're healthier, more privileged, more financially independent, and there'll be exciting personal business challenges ahead..
Don't make the decision to move based on your holiday experience! Living in Thailand is completely different to holidaying here. Do your research first.
Use legal firms for visa applications. Travel via coaches, plane or train in the countryside. Taxis are fine in Bangkok etc., but use meter only. The temples are amazing, as are major shopping centres, museums, zoos etc. Find English speaking-Thai friends and they will show you how to enjoy the place much more.

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