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Fixed Term Deposit

  • Get the latest interest rate on Sterling and US dollar

  • Available in 19 currencies

  • Choose a term to suit you from 1 month to 1 year

Minimum balance requirement: GBP 5,000, USD 5,000 EUR 10,000 or GBP 10,000 currency equivalent

Fix your interest rate to save for your future.

Little Expat Savings Account

  • Open an account with just £1 or currency equivalent

  • You and your child can keep their savings in one place, wherever in the world you relocate

  • Kick-start your child's financial education with a savings account available from birth

  • Choose from 4 currencies: GBP, USD, HKD and AED

  • Enjoy a preferential interest rate on the first GBP 2,500 or currency equivalent

The savings account that stays with you, and your child, wherever life takes you.

Quarterly Bonus Saver

  • Bonus interest rates paid after each qualifying 3 month period

  • Standard rates paid regardless of withdrawals

  • Available in Sterling and US dollar

  • Easy online account management via online banking

  • Easy access to your money - no notice required

Minimum opening balance: GBP 5,000 or USD 5,000

An easy access account with bonus interest payments.

Online Bonus Saver

  • Additional bonus interest paid for any calendar month in which you make no withdrawals

  • Standard rates paid regardless of withdrawals

  • Available in sterling, US dollar and Euro

  • Easy online access to your money

Minimum balance requirement: GBP 5,000, USD 5,000 or EUR 5,000

An online account with bonus interest when you don't make withdrawals.

Currency Savings Account

  • Available in 16 currencies

  • Interest is calculated daily and credited to your account in April and October

  • Access your account anytime with online, mobile or phone banking

Minimum balance requirement: GBP 10,000 currency equivalent

An easy access account available in over 15 currencies.

Saver Account

  • A flexible savings account with easy access to your money

  • Available in Sterling, US dollar and Euro

Minimum balance requirement: GBP 5,000, USD 5,000 or EUR 10,000

Save what you want, whenever you want.

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