Exchange services for expats

If you're a Premier customer, you can trade currency between your eligible global HSBC accounts using our FX Order Watch service. The service watches the market for you and trades on your behalf if your chosen rate is reached. We also have a bespoke foreign exchange plan with enhanced pricing on FX Order Watch, incoming funds and the 24/7 exchange platform.

The FX App built for your expat life

  • Enjoy exclusive rates on currency exchange through the HSBC Expat FX App
  • Managing foreign currencies on the move
  • The App gives you the smart tools and insights to make more informed FX decisions
  • A convenient hub for all of your HSBC bank accounts
  • Easy to convert currencies for paying local bills and other existing commitments
  • You can set up a Limit Order which will automatically convert your chosen amount once the desired rate is met
  • Set up an order or an alert over the phone or via the FX App
"The FX App built for your expat life" video

FX Order Watch

  • Exchange a minimum of USD 50,000 or the currency equivalent per transaction
  • Place a single order in over 20 currencies or one to 'take a profit' and another to 'stop a loss'
  • Specify a target rate for automatic currency trading
  • Set an expiry date for your order of up to 12 months in advance
  • Receive a text or an email alert when your preferred rate is reached
  • Set up an order or an alert over the phone or via the FX App

Bespoke foreign exchange plan

  • Exchange a minimum of GBP 300,000 or the currency equivalent per year
  • Pre-agreed margins based on size and frequency of transfers
  • 24/7 online and phone trading platform
  • Enhanced pricing for the trading platform, incoming funds and FX Order Watch
  • Market updates on key political events and market data release dates

Things you should know

Eligibility for bespoke foreign exchange plan

To be eligible for the bespoke foreign exchange plan you must:

  • hold a balance of GBP 500,000  or currency equivalent
  • agree to transact a minimum of GBP 300,000 or the currency equivalent for the year

Transaction fees

It's free to use these foreign exchange services but usual transaction fees apply. 

Currency conversion risk

The value of currency constantly changes so we can't guarantee a profit or be held responsible for any loss.

Call us to find out more

Existing Premier customers

Please have your 10 digit PBN and 6 digit PIN to hand before you call. Lines are open Monday to Friday 7.30am–5pm UK time, except bank holidays. 

+44 1534 616 162

New to HSBC Expat

To use our currency exchange services, you need an HSBC Expat account. Call us if you'd like to find out how to apply for one.

+44 1534 616 055

We may monitor and record calls to help us improve our service and for security purposes.
To find out how we use your personal information view our Privacy Notice.

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