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Secure Key help

Learn how to log on with your Physical or Digital Secure Key

What is Secure Key?

Our Secure Key service offers enhanced protection against fraud and identity theft. Using a Digital or Physical Secure Key, you can generate a temporary code to ensure that only you can access your accounts through online and mobile banking.

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What is the difference between a Digital & Physical Secure Key?

Digital Secure Key

Accessed via the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app, the Digital Secure Key replaces your Physical Secure Key and enables you to generate security codes from your mobile or tablet  so you can access your full range of mobile and online banking services.


As well as being more convenient, the Digital Secure Key is kinder to the environment.

Physical Secure Key

This is an electronic portable security device that is used to generate security codes to enable access to your online banking.


The Physical Secure Key is not compatible with the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app, therefore you will only be able to access Online Banking with this device. To switch to a Digital Secure Key, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.


Once complete, your Physical Secure Key will be deactivated and can no longer be used to access online banking or generate security codes.

Why choose Digital Secure Key?

  • It's convenient - it's part of the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app
  • Use it to log on to the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app and online banking. The Physical Secure Key is only compatible with Online Banking
  • Easier access to the app - The Digital Secure Key is integrated into the app so you will not need to generate a code to log on, just use your Digital Secure Key PIN
  • Biometric ID - if you have a compatible iPhone, iPad or Android phone, you can log on using Face ID, Touch ID or Android Fingerprint
  • As long as you have your mobile device you'll always have full access to digital banking

First of all you need to be registered for online banking and have downloaded the new HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app.

Open the app. If you are registered for online banking click 'Yes'.

Enter your online banking username.

Choose a method of verification.

Enter the activation code displayed on your Physical Secure key or SMS.

Create a 6 digit PIN.

Your Digital Secure Key is now set up and your Physical Secure Key has been deactivated.

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