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Getting started

Which devices can I use the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app on?

The HSBC Mobile Banking app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android digital devices running up to date software.

How do I download the app and how long will it take me?

The HSBC app can be found online at the Apple App Store and in Google Play by searching for 'HSBC Expat Mobile Banking'.

We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection when you download the app.

Download speed will depend on the strength of your internet connection and the capacity at the app store. Once downloaded, additional data will be downloaded when you first log on, with a message saying 'updating' which will result in a slower app opening time. Subsequent openings of the app will be quicker.

What if I can't find the HSBC app in the App Store or Google Play?

HSBC Expat customers can download the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app from the Apple App Store in most countries and from Google Play.

However, the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app is currently not available from the Israel, Philippines, Brunei and Uruguay Apple App Store. If your Apple App Store account is registered to one of these countries, you will not be able to download the HSBC Mobile Banking app.

If you use an Android device and you are 'physically' in either Israel, Philippines, Brunei or Uruguay you will also not be able to download the app from Google Play.

What do I need to do to set up my log on details for the app?

To set up your account details on the app, you need to register for digital banking.

Once registered, you'll need your username and secure key to log into mobile banking.

Will the app cost anything to download or run?

The app is provided free of charge by HSBC. Please be aware that you may be charged to access the app by your network provider as you do need to be connected to the internet to log on. You do not need to be connected to the internet to open the app and see some of the off-line features.

Can I use this app abroad?

This app can be used abroad. When using this app abroad please be aware that you will be responsible for complying with laws in the countries you travel to. Your network provider's charges may be higher when abroad and HSBC is not responsible for these charges.


Is mobile banking secure?

We ensure mobile banking is safe and secure by using industry standard security technology and practices to safeguard your accounts from any unauthorised access. This means that each time you access the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app and enter your log on details, you will be securely connected to your accounts on our servers. The app does not store any account information on your phone/tablet.

As long as your log on details haven't been compromised, your accounts will remain secure. Always remember to log out when you have finished.

The Get Safe Online website provides further guidance on how to protect your device and your personal details.

What should I do if my mobile phone or tablet is lost or stolen?

Your log on details are needed to gain access to your accounts via the mobile banking app. So as long as these haven't been compromised, your accounts will remain secure. The app does not store any account information on your phone/tablet.

If you are worried that your log on details may have been compromised, please contact us to let us know. The Get Safe Online website provides further guidance on how to protect mobile phones and tablets.

Will the app keep on running if forget to log out or will it time out?

Your mobile banking session will time out automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.


If I share my mobile device, can someone else use the app to log on to their account details?

While we don't recommend sharing the app, providing the other person has used their username and their own password or Secure Key then they would be able to log on and access their account details through the app.

What if I change my phone, SIM card, network or tablet? And what happens if I uninstall the app?

The app will be saved to your device, so will not be affected if your SIM card or network changes. If you are changing your device then delete the app from it and reinstall it on your new device. This will not affect your account, your log on details or your password. They will remain the same.


What banking functions can I perform through the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app?

With the mobile app, you can access and manage your HSBC accounts quickly and securely from your mobile device. When you're linked to HSBC Expat you can currently:

  • Set up new payees and access your statements
  • See details about our products and services
  • transfer funds between your HSBC Expat accounts or make international transfers to payees in over 200 countries and regions and in a choice of up to 58 currencies
  • Easily track the status of online or mobile international payments with the mobile app (in the past 60 days)
  • Use Global Transfers to transfer funds instantly (or same day) between your eligible HSBC accounts
  • Benefit from exchange rate certainty with live exchange rates during market hours1

1Live exchange rates will be provided between the opening hours of the Hong Kong Market on Monday morning (local time) and the close of the New York Market on Friday afternoon (local time) - excluding public holidays and unexpected closures. Transfers made outside of these hours will be based on the most recent closing foreign exchange rates from New York, London or Hong Kong as applicable, and includes an additional premium in the exchange rate provided.

Which accounts will I be able to view?

You can see the same accounts as when you log on to online banking.

Can I view my transactions?

Yes, you can view up to 20 transactions within the current and previous month's statement periods.

What charges information can I see?

Charges that have already been deducted from your account will be shown as transactions on your statements. You will need to log on to online banking to see details of monthly charges, fees and interest that will be deducted from your account.

Can I download statements from my app?

Yes, you can now view / download and save your statements from the app.

Once logged in, simply click on an account and select 'view statement & documents' all available statements will be displayed, tap the statement you'd like to view.

You can also filter by Composite statement or Annual Interest Certificates.

How do I send money with Global Money Transfers?

To use Global Money Transfers:

  • Log to the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app.
  • Go to 'Pay and Transfer'.
  • Select 'Transfer Internationally'.

You'll then be guided through a series of questions to ensure your payment reaches its destination safely, including the country, currency and account details of the payee. You may also be asked for information such as the payee's address or the purpose of the payment depending on local regulations.

What information do I need to send money via Global Money Transfers?

Depending on the country/territory you're sending to, you'll need one or more of the following details[@payee-information-gt]:

  • bank code/sort code
  • SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code)
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  • account number
  • payee full name
  • payee address[@gt-payee-address-countries]
  • purpose of payment

How do I track the status of my international payments?

You can easily track the status from the 'Pay & Transfer tab' within the mobile app. Select any international payment made using online or mobile banking within the past 60 days to track its status. 

Why can't I see my saved payees when making a payment?

As we work to integrate our new international payments service with other aspects of the mobile banking app, you may notice that some of your payees do not appear when you start a payment. In particular:

Global Money Account

The Global Money Account has a separate payee list and will not display payees added through other channels. You will need to add the payee again if you would like to use your Global Money Account to make the payment.

Equally, a payee added to the Global Money Account will not appear when making a payment from your other accounts. You will need to add this payee again if you would like to make the payment from your current/savings account.

HSBC Accounts

When making an international payment to an existing payee with an HSBC account, the payee may appear under the 'Global Money Transfers' option and not the 'HSBC to HSBC' option. Please check under the 'Global Money Transfers' menu and proceed with the payment from here. Rest assured that your payment will still be processed with the correct timescales/fees for an HSBC to HSBC transfer.


When making an international payment, you will first select the country and currency of the payment. If the account details of your payee do not match these options, then the account will not be displayed. Please check to ensure that the country/currency match the account that you are trying to pay.

Can I edit or delete a payee's details?

The HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app is now the place to edit or delete UK or international payees. You'll no longer be able to do this within online banking. For HSBC Expat payees call our contact centre or chat with us.

How do payments work on Mobile Banking?

For more information on making a payment via the HSBC Mobile Banking app, please see our International Transactions pages, and our Global Money Transfers FAQs.

Can I view and send secure messages?

No, secure messages are available to view and send via online banking.

I understand other banking apps can do more, why is this?

Creating a competitive and multi-functional app is a priority for us and there will be regular updates made to the app to improve it.

Will the balances and information on the app be correct 24/7? And why can't I withdraw money when my balance says I have money in the account?

The app can be used 24/7 and account information will be kept up-to-date. There will be occasions when there will be a difference between the balance of your account and the available balance. This may be due to, for example, a pending debit card payment due to leave the account or a cheque paid into the account that not yet cleared.

Does the app have Global View?

The app has Global View. You can use Global Transfers to transfer money from your HSBC Expat account to your eligible HSBC accounts around the world instantly (or on the same day).

Can I cancel or amend a payment in the app?

Once a payment has been sent, it cannot be cancelled or amended.

Frequently asked questions

What's changing with FX services?

From July 2023, we will be moving FX services from the FX App to the HSBC Expat Mobile Banking app. You'll still have access to the same services, but now you'll find everything in one app.

Why do you need my contact details?

We need your contact details so we can let you know when your transactions are complete. 

We will send notifications as follows: 

Limit order - when your instruction is executed or expires 

Rate alert - when rate hits alert threshold 

If your details aren't up to date, please amend them in online banking or tell us using the 'Chat with us' function in the 'Support' tab.

What is an FX rate alert?

A rate alert allows you to set up a notification for when a specified currency pair hits the indicative rate. You can choose to receive the rate alert by text message or email. Please check your contact details in online banking to make sure they're up to date. 

What is an FX limit order?

A limit order lets you set the rate at which you want to exchange your money from one currency to another. If that rate becomes available, the exchange will happen automatically. You can set an expiry date for your limit order, which can be up to 3 months in the future. The minimum transaction amount for a limit order is GBP1 to a maximum of GBP500,000 or equivalent. 

What do the FX Order Watch statuses mean?

Pending – orders that we've received successfully but haven't processed. You can cancel pending orders.

In process – orders that are being processed and can't be cancelled. 

Processed – orders that were processed successfully.

Cancelled – orders that you've cancelled.   

Expired – orders that have expired before end date. 

Rejected – orders that were rejected.

What do 'Active’ and ‘Past’ mean in FX Order Watch and Rate Alerts?

Order Watch or rate alert orders that haven't been executed or expired are labelled as 'Active'.

Order Watch or rate alert orders that are cancelled or expired are labelled as 'Past'. 

Where can I find my FX Order Watch or rate alert?

To find your existing Order Watch or rate alert, go to the 'Pay and Transfer' tab in your mobile banking app, select 'Foreign exchange' and then 'Watch status'. 

What is the maximum amount of currency I can exchange at one time?

The maximum amount you can exchange is GBP500,000 or the equivalent. 

What are the different types of exchange rates?

The HSBC Expat exchange rate is a live rate provided between the opening hours of the Hong Kong Market on Monday morning (local time) and the close of the New York Market on Friday afternoon (local time) excluding public holidays and unexpected closures. Transfers made outside of these hours will be based on the most recent closing foreign exchange rates from New York or Hong Kong as applicable and includes an additional premium in the exchange rate provided.

Exchange rate - This is the rate you get when you complete your foreign exchange transaction. It includes an HSBC Expat margin, which is determined by several factors, including (but not limited to) the currency pairs being exchanged, customer segments and transaction amount.

Indicative rate - The indicative rate is the rate we display to show market conditions for a currency exchange. It's not the rate we will use for your foreign exchange.

Target exchange rate - This is the rate you choose when setting an FX target limit order or rate alert. If you've set a limit order, this is the rate you'll receive if the conversion rate is met.

Conversion rate / current HSBC rate - This is the rate the market needs to meet for you to get your target exchange rate. The conversion rate includes any HSBC margins that apply.

Market rate - The market rate is the rate we display in our trend changes. These rates represent the exchange rates quoted on global foreign exchange markets and are provided by a third-party. The market rate is usually different from your exchange rate or indicative rate and may not be available to you.

HSBC watch rate - The HSBC watch rate is the client target conversion rate with our bank spread incorporated. We provide this rate to you prior to the placement of any transfer instruction. The HSBC watch rate will be checked against the prevailing HSBC foreign exchange rate applicable to the relevant currencies every 10 seconds or at other intervals as determined by us. If this rate meets the HSBC watch rate at the time of checking, the FX target limit order will be executed at your target conversion rate.

Why are there limits to the FX rates I can choose?

Your target exchange rate can’t be too close or too far away from the indicative rate. It must be no closer than 0.25% and no more than 10% away. 

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