The FX App built for your expat life

As an expat you’re always on the move, and managing foreign currencies is part of your daily life. Our HSBC Expat FX App, designed specifically for our customers, is here to help.

The App gives you the smart tools and insights to make more informed FX decisions. It also acts as a convenient hub for all of your HSBC bank accounts – wherever they are. It's easy to convert currencies for paying local bills and other existing commitments, such as university fees.

If you'd like to convert your currency at a specific rate, you can set up a Limit Order1 which will automatically convert your chosen amount once the desired rate is met. There are even live Market Insights to help you track your chosen currencies.

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Discover the FX App

Limit Orders & Rate Alerts on the go

Want to make a transaction at a specific rate? Set up a Limit Order1 and we'll track exchange rates for you. We can then convert automatically as soon as the exchange rate reaches the agreed level.

View Global Currency position

One screen to see your whole world. Whether the currency is USD, GBP or Thai Baht, you can view all of your HSBC bank accounts, local and overseas, all in one consolidated view. 

Live Market Insights and news

Knowledge is power, so our FX App gives you in-depth insights all in one place, from currency comparisons to volatility data - and a live news feed from Thomson Reuters.

Access using Touch and Face ID

When you’re on the go, convenience matters. Log in quickly and securely using Touch ID or Face ID2. On your first log in you will need your Online Banking credentials.

Frequently asked questions

Get the FX App

Already bank with us? Download the FX App today

If you're already a customer, simply download the FX App and get started. You will need your Online Banking username, memorable question and password handy to log in for the first time.

New to HSBC Expat

To benefit from our FX App, you will need to open an HSBC Expat Bank Account with us first. Discover all of the reasons to bank with us and other benefits we have to offer by applying online.


1To set up a Limit Order it must be a minimum amount of £1 and a maximum of £500,000 (or currency equivalent).

2Touch and Face ID is available for iOS users only.

3Customers can only make payments and transfers to saved beneficiaries already in your Online Banking.


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